1 Computer 4 Operating System Install In!

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    First of all, a 1TB Approximate HDD for this will be good for you.

    * First we attach the Windows Format USB or CD to the PC.
    * Then you will be performing the Windows Format USB / CD boot process.
    Then we split our disk into
    C, D, E, F, G. (If you want to install several operating systems
    , open up a lot of disk space, ie both Windows 10 and linux, linux (1) + W10 (1) +1 (Our department will be 3 segments)
    * We allocate 100 GB of space for C, D, E, F, and give back 600 gb of G to G.
    * We format C, D, E, F, G, now we are installing C10 and W10.
    * After we finish the installation, we install Linux usb / cd and install D to Linux.
    After we finish our work, we install
    * W7 - WXP - W8 cd and load it to E.
    * After this process is finished, we install Mac OS.
    * Now we have all our operations finished, G Disk will be used as Yede─čimiz, so we will
    keep our files there, if there is an error in any of our systems,
    G must also be in order to not delete our files .
    * When we start our computer, we are asked about which operating system should be selected.
    * In this way we can enter whatever we want.

    "It's that simple, even while the PC is open to partition the disk over any Operating System My Computer> Right click> Manage> Disk
    We can do consolidation or splitting from the management. "
    If there is a problem If you do not have any problems with your files I do not think you have a problem Private Message

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