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  1. nortons.it

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    $750 BTC

    1 Copy available.

    Complete SOP of Amazon Chat
    Complete Canned Speeches for Amazon Phone Calls
    Refunding Policies for ANY product (Not just products fulfilled/sold by Amazon)
    Investigation Environment/Regions (Policies that are specific to each region will be explained for exploitation)
    Reinstating Accounts (Re-open your closed account)
    Exchange Policies (For infinite dipping) ~ Region dependent
    Whitelisting Addresses (Never be investigated again)
    Carrier Exploitation (For social engineering)

    My book ensures that you will
    1.) Never be caught
    2.) Never be charged with mail fraud
    3.) Never be in question
    4.) Get unlimited Giftcards up to $250 per giftcard every 3 months.


    This is huge. This eBook will prepare you for a LIVING with Amazon. I will only sell one copy to one individual on this forum. I promise you that if you leak it, I'll find you and you'll regret your actions. I keep track of every copy I sell. So far, I've sold 2 copies. I plan to sell 5 total so there are only 3 available. Only 1 will be sold on this forum.


    Don't bother commenting if you aren't a serious buyer because I don't want to hear your bullshit. Any bullshit will be reported as sales trashing and you'll earn a negative reputation. You're warned.

    I reserve the right to refuse sales to ANYONE. I don't care who you are. I'm selling this for 2 reasons.

    1.) BTC is pretty liquid right now.
    2.) I have other methods about other companies. Amazon just seems to be a popular one.
  2. jboiangiu

    jboiangiu New Member

    First come first serve is most likely how this will work.
  3. Davemcg

    Davemcg New Member

    Hit me up, I'll do this if you want to sell this to me.

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