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    1: <title> My First Page </ title> (Specifies the name of this page in the browser)
    2: <body> Write Something </ body> (where this page will be written to)
    3: Fonts
    <h1> Largest Font </ h1>
    <h2> 2nd Large Font </ h2>
    <h6> Minimum Font </ h6>
    1.Paragraph: this opens a new line and there is a space between
    <p> Write Something </ p>
    The second paragraph opens a new line but there is no space between
    <p> write something
       Alber Einstein <br>
    </ P>
    <b> Bold Author </ b>
    <i> Italicist </ i>
    <p> Do not be scared.
       <b> <i> Mehmet Akif Ersoy </ i> </ b>         
    6: <ol> (mean: Ordered list)
       <li> (mean: list item>
    <ol> <li> Ayşe </ li>
         <Li> Mehmet </ li>
         <li> johny sins </ li>
    </ Ol>
    <ol> and <li> These are used for sorting, for example
    1.ayş to
    2.fat Up
    Like JohnnySins
    If the <ol> command opens, the </ li> command is required for each word
    <ul> <ol> The difference is <ul> countless. <ul> (mean: unordered list)
    Used on both <li> commands
    7: Setting the font color
    <p style = "color: blue"> Ahmet </ p>
    8: font
    <p style = "font-family: Verdana">
    <p style = "font-style: italic>
    9: Font size
    <p style = "font-size: 10px"> (size)
    <p style = "font-weight: bold">
    10: Routing
    The div in the upper part of the page about the porphyria varia hani constitutes its structure
    <div> <p> Profile </ p> </ div> (it takes you to this profile page)
    <div> <p> Home </ p> </ div> (goes to the main page)
    11: Making a Metine Request (span)
    The great writer <b> is more difficult but all the same messenger is two hours big
    Do not call the code
    Type <span style = "color, height, etc> fancy </ span> anything you want
    12: 11 is a little more difficult to explain how links are
    <a href=""> Write Something </a>
    13: mail address contact
    <a href="mailto:"> Write something </A>

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