How Routers Work

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    If the Internet-Router is successfully installed, it opens the Internet's door to all the computers in the house or office. But before you give up your current system, you have to do a good job. Because you will get rid of many masculine, but you will meet with the new ones, and you will also get rid of the problems in your network.

    With less than $ 500 worth of routers, you can connect your local network to the Internet without any modem or ISDN card installed.​

    These smart devices are technically known as devices that perform connections between networks. Tasks collect data packets that are directed to any machine on the local network. If there is no connection, the router selects the service provider, searches and connects to the Internet by entering the name-password. It then sends the data packets to the service provider for transport. ​


    There is no requirement to be a single service provider according to the connection logic of the router. There is not a single connection condition in the same way. Router can choose according to adrese which the data will arrive in. According to the routes kept in a table called "routing table", the groups in the network are determined how to reach the desired places. The alternatives are still held constant on the same charts. the same tablolasyonbati─čini each computer on behalf of his own name.On a computer or a network administrator to direct the data is determined by looking at this tablolar. ​

    The most important advantage is that more than one link is supported at the same time. While one side connects to the Internet, many groups and networks are directly accessible from the other side. The connection points have different profiles of passwords and names, and of course a private network address. Other network addresses should show the service provider's output. So the router should be able to easily find where to send the packets through the table in the memory. One feature of ISDN routers is that they can keep both channels of the ISDN connection active at the same time. While one group is connected to the Internet, another group can also make Internet connections. ​

    The tables called "routing tables" actually have more than one job. They can also create alternative routes. This means that there are more than one connection point to reach an address zone. The advantage of this is that if a connection is lost or too busy, other paths will be tried to reach the package.​

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