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    Hello friends, in this issue I will show you the best way to understand malicious software I visited the forum on a total of viruses, such as total virus scan is a clear thing never say anything. You do not need to need a lot of viruses, such as total viruses.

    Preparing the Machine to Work as a Harm

    1. Wire Shark

    Wireshark is a program with many time-saving lifecycle presets that allows network traffic to be monitored via a graphical interface. Just as instant network traffic can be monitored via the computer where the application is installed, Wireshark can also be used with the purpose of examining previously saved files

    ApateDNS: ... dianthin-apatedns
    Process Explorer:
    Process Monitor:

    Tools for static analysis:
    Dependency Walker: Dependency Walker (depends.exe) Home Page
    PEview: Request Rejected
    Strings: ../bb897439.aspx
    PE Browse:Windows Debugger, Disassembler, Code Analyzers
    Resource Hacker: Resource Hacker

    Tools Used for Dynamic Analysis:
    Immunity Debugger:
    Ollydbg (Can be used instead of Immunity ): OllyDbg v1.10

    Tools Used for Memory Analysis:

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