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    Forum Rules

    1- Member of the message board is responsible for the messages written in the forum. Our forum does not accept any responsibility for the articles written by individuals.
    2- The messages of the all countrys or international laws, agreements and regulations can not be sent to the forum.
    3- No exciting and humiliating writings about communities can be written. (For example: Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Jewish, Circassian, Black, Indian, Arab, Gypsy, Roma, Russian, Immigrants.)
    4- To send unwanted messages in hateful or large amounts against threatening, abusive, ; to send messages and make use of materials for religious, language, and racial discrimination; forum administrators and their users are forbidden to show disdainful behavior.
    5- All messages intended for political and propaganda purposes that are not intended for comment are strictly forbidden.
    6- Any harassing article is prohibited.
    7- It is forbidden to write all the messages on the forum in capital letters.
    8- Subject-message containing any kind of advertising activity in the forum is prohibited.
    9- It is forbidden to use the number of pictures that will disrupt page structure and slow down page opening in topics and messages. The same prohibition applies to video sharing.
    10- The forum admin and the administrators have the right to delete and change subjects and messages that do not comply with the rules.
    11- Membership of members who violate the rules of the Forum or ILLEGAL CREW TEAM mission may be permanently banned from the forum temporarily.
    12- Some special category rules not mentioned here can be specified by the managers separately within the respective category.
    13- Due to legal reasons, no member can be completely deleted from the forum, membership can be suspended according to the student.
    14- It is prohibited to share mp3, movies, programs, games that contain copyright.
    15- Digiturk, league tv, tivibu, dsmart such as domestic platforms, such as the match-film broadcasts illegal monitoring messages, links, such as the activities are prohibited.
    16- Activities such as credit card theft, purchasing credit card information, shopping with stolen cards, paypal fraud, bank account seizure are prohibited. Fake identity, money, paperwork are prohibited.
    17- It is forbidden to insult atatürk against the state elders.
    18- Wolfteam game is forbidden to share in hack-cheat issues.
    19- It is prohibited to share personal information within the Forum. (Name surname - phone number, photo etc.)
    20- Smart board etc. applications within the scope of Fatih project and hacking activities related to e-school are prohibited.
    21- Conversations about political issues are prohibited. In spite of the warning, the members who open political topics or write a message will be penalized in 1 - 3 - 15 days in succession, and if they continue such sharing, the membership will receive an unlimited penalty.
    22 - Forum is the cause of unwarranted punishment to open irrelevant subjects to the category, write messages with deer. (The period of punishment is 1 day in the first violation, 15 days in the second violation,
    23 - Vbulletin categorisinde crack-null vBulletin files are forbidden to share.
    24 - Trade activities, goods and service transactions in the Forum are prohibited.

    Program sharing within the Forum and members helping each other with programs such as TeamViewer-AMMY PROHIBITED. Otherwise ILLEGAL CREW = will not be liable for damages.

    ILLEGAL CREW Mission The

    ILLEGAL CREW mission is a special rule that sets the targets and boundaries of TurkHackTeam activities. The mission is not only members but also the admin and other managers.

    At the base of the ILLEGAL CREW mission; To avoid harming sites, it is necessary to warn the site owner of security vulnerabilities in these sites, and for foreign content sites, only an index indicating that the system is vulnerable. Activities such as disrupting the system and permanently damaging it will not be carried out.

    It may be possible to get out of the mission in the negative activities originating from abroad which will be made to the nation, my country, our state, our state bigholders. There is no obligation to comply with the mission, especially for the terrorist sites that are making the terrorist organization propagandas. Such sites are free to do any harmful, destructive activities.

    For more details about the mission;

    ILLEGAL CREW Mission
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