Inifinite Amazon Cards

Discussion in 'Market Discussion' started by kometaep, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. kometaep

    kometaep New Member

    If I made a working method on how to obtain infinite Amazon Gift Cards FROM their site, what do you think is a fair price point? The gift cards would be maxed at $500 per card.

    I would only sell the tutorial to ONE person, which (in/ex)cludes this forum.
  2. deadman

    deadman New Member

    Why would you want to sell such a method in the first place?
  3. zamfira82

    zamfira82 New Member

    I know this method. I know how to get INFINITE Amazon gift cards (well not infinite, but millions to even billions)

    It's called using a credit card and paying for them. Eh?
  4. gnqiovpm

    gnqiovpm New Member

    Would this method be classified blackhat?

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