Mega Dns V1.5

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    MeGaDNS v1.5 is a tool used to quickly change DNS ..
    Twenty of the fastest DNS settings are already in place ..
    DNS Replacement After restarting the Local Connection Settings and Clearing the IP Address can provide your Internet Connection at high speed.
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    Over The Internet Movie, Music Or File Installation Process ranges used DNS And by your actual Internet connection speed ..
    megadns v1.5 Vista / WIN 7 / Win 8 OS may wish Administrator Access to IP Settings Change ..
    In this situation Program You can start the program by right clicking on it and selecting "Run as Administrator" option.
    __________________________________________________ _________________
    megadns v1.5 Error Data Or not work If, hataon Folder therein is, Onar.ex to
    You Remove Program Running Problem middle ..
    the Onar.ex the program, right click on "Run as Administrator" You start with the Options ..
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