Mini Errors Made in Social Engineering

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    1. Recognizing the Victim | This incident is the worst moment, if you closely acquainted with the victim you choose, if possible, write your own account, place of residence or a friend's provinces (the victim will not recognize) using the account of the victim's force if does not try to establish friendship turned to another victim

    2. Victim On Giving | This event can also lead to trouble, to overbearing the victim, to squeeze the victim to answer your questions, or to decipher yourselves, to let your victim stop you, to go to court if the event grows

    . The job you do is important and it is important that your victim is close to you, sincere, avoid utter slang and profanity from the street.
    More serious, try to speak Turkish

    4. Stay away from the topics you do not have | Do not talk about a subject you do not know about your victim, if you fall into this situation, your victim can get hurt from you. Do not boast in the beginning Do not be

    afraid of anything like that. Avoid saying something you say when talking to your victim over and over again, you can undermine the confidence of your victim if such a situation
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