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    I am here with a new Turkish-made Web Scripti project. I have a blog script project called Sparkle. In this project, we will have more features than WordPress. I will even tell a few of you now.

    Today, blogs (including news sites, magazines, etc.) are the most important source of information on the Internet. I started writing

    a blog script project called Sparkle for the convenience of people. The features I have planned in my mind are not even in WordPress right now. But that does not mean I have to sit at the summit.

    Of course, our goal will be to go to the highest, the highest, but I will gradually step into this work with your support.

    Sparkle In Structure
    • Dynamic Structure with Afforestation System
    • Special Dynamic File System (KGD System)
    • Based on OOP
    • Dependent Template System (Source-side distributed template system according to KGD)

    What Are Some Advantages Of Sparkle From Other Systems?
    In fact, I have a lot of ideas in my mind, but I want to tell you a few features I think.

    Module System In
    order not to create any extra load in the system, the system features are divided into parts in order to lighten the system's power and save it to the server. For example, the Membership System is a separate module, the page system is a separate module, the portfolio system is a separate module, and so on. Users can remove modules whenever they want. But when he wants to download it will download the main server file.

    Library Attachment System
    Attachments can not use System functions. So, there are libraries that have special functions for the extensions. Attachments can be manipulated through libraries.

    Variable System in Writing
    Many things in our lives are renewed over time. Varies. And sometimes when we talk about these in our writing, we need to change the text in that article as we talk about it. We may need to change not only a single article, but also many articles.

    We can assign a variable to be used in writing. I've created a variable called LATEST_WINDOWS, and in many writes, "The current Windows version is LATEST_WINDOWS." I say. If I pass "Windows 8" to the LATEST_WINDOWS variable, Windows 8 will be passed to all posts containing this variable. If I change it later as Windows 10, it will change automatically in all posts.

    In this way,

    I'll give you another sample.

    I have a man named Ali Faisal. (This is the example that I made up the name of the man.) And I wrote an article named ALI_FAYSAL, which says "ALI_FAYSAL". The man died after a while. I wrote Ali Faysal, the deceased. In this respect Ali Faysal will pass all names written as late Ali Faisal.

    Mark / Curse / Spam Filter

    This is a feature that can be plugged into the module as an optional module. All comments sent to the site will be scanned by the system and spelling mistakes, curses will be automatically arranged and approved by the administrator, and the manager will be informed that the cursors have been corrected. Even if the message spamsa komple can be deleted the manager will be informed.

    Age Filter
    This filter can be used in posts and comments. It may not be appropriate for children, street or slang talk will not be shown to the reader. Gentle and polite comments will be shown; "It was very nice ", "Great!" ... It is also possible for the writings to be optional and can be specified by the administrator or by the system.

    Membership System
    This is one of the optional modules. There will be profiles and statistics for every member who is registered on the site. It will also be able to add approved content based on administrator approval. Comments will be automatically approved, filtered, if you have been banned as a trusted user.

    I also have different ideas.
    I look forward to your suggestions and views for now
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    I appreciate. I hope success will be a success. Do not neglect to write developments

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