What is Eof, what is it?

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    Let's start by saying hello to everyone ..

    I will tell EOF about this in friends ..


    We can translate in Turkish as the end of file and the end of file.

    What does EOF mean?

    Let's say we have a crypterim and want to combine keylogger rat with any exe.
    Despite our efforts, however, Cryptered.exe constantly gives the error that the Stubun gives and we get angry.

    Here the EOF goes in.

    You add the EOF feature to the crypterin.

    Note: After adding the Eof option, the crypt exe file EXTRA DAT is read and the crypt exe sw information is passed.

    What is Extra DAT?

    Extra dat is created when the server is created on the pre-created stub. EXTRA Dat is the part where server information is stored.
    Note: If you open it with Hex, you will see the latest sw information. That section is the extra dat section.

    Note: If you add as a section, the information is extra dat.

    In short, it allows you to switch eof server information to crypt exe.

    YES In Crypterler we learned what is EOF Speciality. ​

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