What is Themida? What does it do?

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    Hello there;

    First of all, Themida Program has little to say about Turkish or foreign language. Let me start now with the purpose of informing you.

    When an application is created, the compiler compiles the application source code into several object files made from the machine language code. The object files are then linked together to form the final executable file.

    Figure: Compilation of source code

    As an application's source code is converted to machine code at compile time, there are tools that can convert a compiled application into compilation language or a higher programming language. These tools are known as disemblers and de-compilers.

    Figure: Decompilation of your application

    An attacker can use a disembler or de-compiler to examine how a particular application works and what a particular routine does. When the attacker has good knowledge of the target application, he can modify the compiled application to change its behavior. For example, an aggressive application can bypass the routine that controls the duration of the trial and makes it infinitely or worse, causing the applet to behave as if it were registered.

    >> Software Protector

    Software protectors created to prevent an attacker from directly controlling or modifying a compiled application. A software protector is like a shield that allows an application to be protected against scrambling and possible attacks. If a protected application is to be run by the operating system, the software protector will first take control of the CPU and check for possible cracking tools (distributors or de-compilers) that can run on the system. If everything is safe, the software protector will allow the protected application to decrypt the password and control the normal execution of the CPU.

    The benefits of using Software Protector include:

    Protect an application from software piracy.
    It prevents attackers from examining how an application is implemented.
    It does not allow attackers to change an application to change their behavior.

    I use the Themida application myself. The software hackers are preventing you from making changes to the software you write, as long as you have a summary of what you wrote above. The code you write is mixed and packed to prevent it from being reviewed and stolen.

    This program has been cracked in foreign forum sites, but most of the application does not work or virus is added to the yada, I will give below to avoid this software. You can download it from Link. In addition, this software can only be broken in Windows XP operating system, which breaks days, weeks, months is almost.

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