What is WebRoot Shell and what are its features?

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    Hello Illegalcrew family,

    Today I will introduce to you the webroot shell version, which frequently tells you with its functions.

    The most successful shelf coded in 2015, you need to tell us about its features, but we will still talk about it one by one.

    Litespeed Bypass: You can bypass LiteSpeed servers.
    Joomla Mass: All Joomla passwords on the server are zero.
    Wordpress Mass: All WordPress passwords on the server are zero.
    Vbulletin Mass: All shells on the server are shell.
    CMD Command: Makes your job even easier, and you can run cat / ln -s / ls -la known commands on servers you can not run commands on.
    System Information: Shows server information.
    Wordpress Mass Indexer: All the WordPress entries in the system are indexed.
    Passwd Reader: Passwd reads passwd on unread servers and lists sites.
    CGI Simple Shell: CGI shell running on almost all servers.
    Config Fucker: Lists all the configs on the server under a folder.
    MySQL load Data Bypass: Reads and bypasses files on the server via MySQL.
    Litespeed Bypass: Litespeed is the bypass type.
    Apache Bypass: Apache Symlink bypass - Get your directory config.
    Mod Sec Bypass: Mod Sec. Bypass
    C1 Bypass: C1 Symlink Bypass is a feature that bypasses almost all cPanel servers as you know.

    Pastetool # 969480 - php

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